Property Management

Renting a home is a long and arduous process that requires a lot of knowledge about the industry and community.

A good Property Manager must have all the knowledge, ethics, and trust required in a real estate agent; time and experience within the rental market; and the positive attitude needed to fulfill the ongoing tasks necessary to protect their owners' investments!

These are the many services you will receive by listing your rental with RE/MAX Connect. Here are just a few of the many responsibilities that our Property Manager, Amanda Tate, assumes.

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Initial Intake:

Before a home is listed for rent, the Property Manager needs to conduct a market analysis to find the best price for the property. Once the market trends have been analyzed, they can recommend a rental price entry point. They can also then provide a staging consultation as needed. 

Once terms are discussed and prep work on the home is complete, they will provide the property management agreement paperwork, as well as the state & national property owner disclosures necessary to begin listing the home for rent.

Listing Marketing:

We cover the entire spectrum of marketing for your home - from professional HD photographs, to signage and web listings on ALL of the top real estate websites, our marketing professional, Zoey, will make sure the the portrayal of your home is top notch!

Note: Marketing doesn’t just mean advertising, it actually has more to do with presentation. We pride ourselves on great photographs, quality advertising and taking the time to make sure each little detail is correct and filled out to its max! A big part of house hunting now is looking online, and if your pictures aren’t good, then it appears that your home isn’t either.


A property manager's responsibilities once a rental listing is live on our MLS range far and wide, and include but are not limited to:

  • Providing applications for prospective tenants.

  • Scheduling and attending showings.

  • Processing incoming applications and verifying ID, pay-stubs, etc.

  • Screening tenants via credit check, rental references, employment verification, and other detailed reviews.

  • Discussing findings with owner for final approval on tenant choice.


So, we have found you a tenant and you've signed all the paperwork. What are the day to day responsibilities of your Property Manager?

  • Store and maintain tenant and owner records including Escrow accounts, paperwork, maintenance records, and rent roll.

  • Collect rent.

  • Distribute funds to owner.

  • Track non-payments and begin collection process as needed (which may include court representation).

  • Take all tenant calls 24/7 - anything from maintenance requests to additional property concerns are fair game!

  • Coordinate and schedule maintenance work with handymen or industry specialists as needed.

  • Coordinate payments for all repairs completed.

Throughout the Year:

A property manager will consistently keep up with lease processing, termination and renewals throughout each year. This includes contracts and documentation, move-in and move-out inspections with detailed reports and ensure that owners are kept up-to-date with changing market value recommendations.

Among all these responsibilities, the most important is that Amanda will consistently communicate with you and ensure the safety and stability of owners and renters!